About Kellyann AKA Kelly

My name is Kellyann Montieth and I’m the owner of Kellyann’s Organizing Services, a Professional Organizing Service which also offers  Business Process services. My Corporate background is business processes, project management, quality, marketing, customer service, and training & development. All these skills transfer perfectly into professional organization.

I love ORGANIZATION  where I can create structure, I love RESULTS, and I love HELPING people! As a professional organizer & a business process consultant I have the opportunity to do all three!

What is a professional organizer?

I’m sure you can think of areas in your home where there is clutter. Maybe the pile of mail and paperwork piled on your counter, your closet full of clothes you no longer where, toys and clothes your children have out grown. We all have areas in our home simply because life is busy.  A professional organizer helps you clear the clutter in your the areas of your home or business. We work together to  establish systems and processes for keeping your organized area in order when we’re gone.

With passion, know how, and a willingness to dive right in, I will help make your clutter disappear and restore your peace of mind. One space at a time.


Our Story

Kellyann’s Organizing Services was birthed out of a desire to design my own life. I wanted to leave the corporate world and have more time with my family. I have a natural talent for organization, creating structure and processes to do tasks efficiently.  Throughout my life, I have always helped friends and family get organized as a favor. One day the idea of organizing as a business was suggested to me and a light bulb went off! I knew that was it! The perfect business for me! That’s where it all began. I’ve been helping clients restore their Peace of Mind, One Space at a Time.

Next Steps…

Give us a call, text, or email to get started. It’s that easy to take a step to restore your Peace of Mind, One Space, One Process and One System at a Time.

What are you waiting for?

Just Do It!