Confessions of a Professional Organizer

So you want to know the dirt on the professional organizer – huh? You want to shatter the image you have of me? It’s all about laundry…read on.

I was talking with a friend today and admitted I have an issue with folding laundry and putting it away. Yes, me the organized, process oriented one has three baskets of unfolded laundry. I must admit they have been sitting in my bedroom for days.

I have a system that helps me stay disciplined and fold laundry and put it away when it comes out of the dryer. To my defense, my system for some reason was not followed. Let’s just say family members may have something to do with it. If the laundry baskets of clean clothes end up in my bedroom we will pick clothes out of them until there empty. I know this sounds crazy for someone organized and processed oriented as myself.  But it is the truth!

The key to my laundry system is to not put the laundry basket full of clean clothes in the bedroom. This is a huge mistake, it’s out of site, out of mind. At the end of the day when I go to bed I see it and i’m too tired to deal with it.

My system is to put the clean clothes in a basket on the table. When I see the basket full of clean clothes on our dining table I will fold it and put it away. I like clean surfaces and in order for the table to be clear I have to fold and hang the laundry. This system makes me disciplined to take care of it.  I place all hanging clothes on the back of  the chair and will take them in the bedroom to hang after all the clothes are folded. This is my process and when followed it works!

It’s NEVER a good thing when my laundry basket of clean clothes ends up in the bedroom.

Do you have a system that works for you? I’d love to here it.






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