Organizing & Displaying Children’s Artwork

Many of my clients have school aged children who bring home lots of art work! Often they ask me what is the best way to manage and display the art work. They feel guilty for throwing any of it away.

There are several methods to display the art work:

  • The method most of us knew as children is to use a magnet on the refrigerator
  • Create a family art wall and display with twine and clothes pins (Click for Example)
  • Or purchase display frames

Whichever option you choose, remember the space you create to display should be used as your control method. What I mean is, if you have a display wall, remove old artwork when you replace it with new artwork, the old one goes away. You can take a picture of it before you throw the artwork away. Taking a picture helps some clients to throw away the artwork.

I do recommend creating a file system for art work that has hand-prints, special pieces that show age,  etc. for safe keeping. We all have special artwork that we want to hold onto and it’s ok to keep it. We just need a system, I recommend either create a file folder with your household files or create a binder with sheet protectors to house the extra special pieces.I’d love to know what method you chose to display your artwork. Comment below.


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