Systems: Strategies for Accomplishing Your Goals

I love creating systems! I have systems for everything!  A system is a process that you create to help you accomplish a task(s) to reach a goal.

I am a task-oriented person! I know this about myself. I crave order, because having an order helps me visualize what I want to get done, and then when I accomplish my tasks, I find great satisfaction. To this end, I created systems, or processes, for the following goals:

  • Read the Bible daily
  • Plan my week – by using my calendar not just for appointments but to include my daily Top 5 things to accomplish daily
  • Follow my plan that I documented in my planner

In the morning, I don’t fully get going until I’ve had my coffee. My husband makes me coffee and puts it on the end table next to the sofa in the morning. He then wakes me up, if I’m not already up to let me know my coffee is ready. (Yes, he’s a keeper!)

After my time of devotion, I review my calendar, to do list for the day and get going with the days’ activities. This system works for me. No matter what time I wake up my bible and planner are waiting for me. I’m a visual person, and I’m a “To Do” list-checker! Seeing the bible and calendar immediately motivates me to accomplish my tasks. Once I accomplish them, then I am able to check them off! This is a simple process, but it’s effective. Have you created similar systems? Tell me about some of the ways having a process helps bring order to YOUR life!



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