Kelly is extraordinarily gifted in the area of organizational structure/processes. Whether its helping you organize your kitchen cabinets, linen closets or mapping out your business processes..she has a sharp eye, attention to detail and a passion to help others. She has used her skills to bring order in my life, personally (closet organization) and professionally (creating business processing maps for my real estate team). She has simplified my life so much! I highly recommend her!!!

M. Davis/REMAX

What a much needed help in my business and life! KellyAnn was so patient! She talked to me about the why to uncover what it is to stay —and what is to go— in order to make my business office in my home look so tidy, efficient… And might I say a bit more productive!!

K. Sandberg / REMAX

Kellyann is truly gifted. Our first conversation was centered around my business and process maps but during our conversation I realized that before I could concentrate on my business I needed to de-clutter my living/working space. Kellyann organized my home office, my pantry and my bedroom. My mind is clear and I’m able to focus again! I can’t wait to get started on my process maps!

M. Peterson / Monarch Travel


Kellyann and her crew were such a blessing and did such an amazing job. They worked quickly and efficiently unpacking everything, and I was able to relax in my new home after just one day.

S. Coro


Kellyann is amazing! She reached out to me through a website with the intention of helping our customers (as we are a Husband/Wife Real Estate Team with REMAX), but, she ended up helping my Husband Matt and I! She literally spent 8 hours in our office closet and another 4 hours in our personal closet. She is scheduled to come back to our home again in April to help continue our organization plan. Kellyann provide the plan & provided us with to-do lists. She is very reliable, hardworking, knowledgeable and all around great to work with! We will be referring Kellyann to our friends, customers & fellow Realtors for years to come! Kellyann, thank you for reaching out to me. We are very lucky to have found you.

N. Wilkinson


“Kelly” came over and helped me put Christmas away which reduced my stress level by 95%. She also put the final touches on organizing my kitchen in my new apartment and I moved in, in June. I highly recommend Kellyann’s Organizing Services, I ‘m feeling like I have a new lease on 2017.

C Dougherty


We want to thank you for the difference you’ve made in our home and our life!  Our home had become so full of clutter we had given up. We had little joy in our home and had stopped making any effort to improve it. With toys left behind from growing boys and having moved our family once and parents twice, our home had become a disorganized assortment of boxes and dusty mirrors hidden behind doors. Our “extra” closet in the wreck room couldn’t be opened for fear of being plummeted by our things!

Once you came and we had cleared out the clutter I felt I could literally breathe deeper. Then you organized what was left. When I walked back into my house I felt such joy and peace in our space. Our kids were happier; our routines immediately became smoother. We all felt such peace without all the “noise” of the clutter in our background. I can think more clearly and have recommitted to the weekly planning required to run a home (now that I have a place to do it). My husband and I have fun conversations about what we might do in to certain areas of our home – new light plates here, a rug there.  The excitement for our home is back!

Kelly had a creative, brilliant, yet straight-up common sense approach to organizing. She was never pushy but kept the pace moving and had immediate solutions to our problems.

Thank you so much Kelly!  You’ve made our house a home again!!

K Gaskill


There aren’t enough words to express how I feel about Kellyann and the peace she’s brought into my life. When I first contacted Kellyann, I was completely drowning in clutter and was in tears as I wrote the email asking her for help. As a mother of 3 young kids, a small business owner, and a teacher— my days were busy and chaotic and the clutter didn’t help matters at all. Kellyann came in and from the early moments when she was taking “before” pictures, I could see she had a plan to get my home and consequently my life back on track.

Again, there aren’t enough words to express how much Kellyann’s help has meant to me and my family. I now have a peace that I haven’t felt in a long time (close to a decade). I no longer worry about having guests over and I’m actually looking forward to having my first dinner party with family and friends b/c I’m now proud of my home and it finally represents me and my personality.

Kellyann has been a godsend and an absolute blessing to me and my family. I will forever be grateful for the numerous ways she’s helped me, many of which went beyond what started as a simple home organization project.

P. Jackson